Birthdays are Overrated

I have reached a point in my life that I almost cannot contain my expectations even if I want to. Which is why I start getting fidgety the closer I get to my birthday. You see, birthdays have always been very important to me. I’ve always believed that the birthday must be the most special day of the year for a person. Why, it’s the day when it all began, for you!
However, as I’ve grown older and (I hope) wiser, I’ve come to realize that it is unreasonable and irrational to put this mammoth responsibility to make yourself feel special on one single day of the year. And that it is imperative and even recommended to disperse this responsibility, that we so unknowingly and innocently thrust on birthdays, to other days of the year. Doing this has notable brought down the immense pressure I put on myself and the people around me to make this day the best day of the year, if not my life. So yes, birthdays are overrated.
Apply this concept to not just the special days in your life but also the special people in your life. I feel that we put too much pressure on ourselves to select the perfect soulmate. For that matter, I feel that calling our spouse a soulmate/life partner is unfair. Why put the pressure of being your best friend, your champion, your husband, your partner in crime, your 4 am emotional breakdown go-to-person on just one person? To be honest, that’s a lot to expect from one person. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s great if your husband is all these things. All I am saying is don’t make them a requirement. It’s only going to strain your relationship with your spouse. So, take it from me, the key to happiness is not expecting less, but just divvying up your expectations a little bit!

Published by kinnarijain

This blog is an attempt at taking charge of my life and giving “writing” – my passion – a chance to revive. Having tested myself over the years, I know I lose interest in my initiatives easily and hardly do I ever complete what I started. So, I have given myself a schedule and a deadline. I took inspiration from my very recent watch – Julie & Julia. Go watch it if you haven’t already! Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, subscribe to know every time I post and feel free to comment or reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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