Introvert in a world of extroverts!

Growing up, I always thought myself to be a fairly introverted person. Hardly uttered a word when guests would visit, talking to new people would always be exceedingly daunting and more often than not, my mom would answer on behalf of me when asked any question. It wouldn’t be fair to say that I was completely able to overcome this flaw (as some people might think of it) but I did a pretty decent job at meeting the society’s expectation of me in the middle. As a consequence, I now call myself an ambivert!
It is indeed a world pretty much dominated by extroverts. Maybe that’s why I find solace in writing. At least it doesn’t involve a person looking at me with a judgmental, almost pity-ish grin. Just me and my laptop and my thoughts, all left at my own disposal, meant to keep my heart at peace. However, I have by now molded myself to be a people’s person when need be. Comes in handy during those long networking events at work, conversations with your boss over drinks, a group of friends you want to impress with your wits (funny comes naturally to me so that’s never been a problem). Fight me all you want but extroverts, with all their charm, can climb that corporate ladder more quickly than an introvert, speak their mind more authoritatively at business meetings and make friends more easily to have a better social life. Introverts on the other hand spend half their life trying to change themselves. Sorry to break it to you but if you’re an introvert, it’s time you at least cross over to being an ambivert if not an extrovert! Just one wo-man’s opinion.

Published by kinnarijain

This blog is an attempt at taking charge of my life and giving “writing” – my passion – a chance to revive. Having tested myself over the years, I know I lose interest in my initiatives easily and hardly do I ever complete what I started. So, I have given myself a schedule and a deadline. I took inspiration from my very recent watch – Julie & Julia. Go watch it if you haven’t already! Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, subscribe to know every time I post and feel free to comment or reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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