Living in the Present

I call India a land of successful Plan Bs because we have this tendency to plan for all the “What ifs”. There was never a plan I ever made without considering the possibility of it failing. And so, I always had a plan B and sometimes, even a plan C. God forbid, a plan A on its own would have been a sin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan for the future but remember – you have to give your 100 percent in the present for those future plans to work out. In today’s blog I talk about “Living in the present” and how the modern wellness and minimalist industry is screaming at us to embrace it.

It is a universally known fact that the tranquility of meditation has a calming effect on our mental wellbeing. But what is the basis of meditation? It is nothing but living in the moment. Keeping track of our breath makes us completely aware of the present and blurs out the thoughts of the past and the future. Think about it, are we ever fully conscious of our surroundings?

Why have the sales of wellness products shot up? The scented candles, scent diffusers, aromatics all remind us of the goodness that lies in the moment at hand. For a moment, we forget about what the future holds or what the past has taught us. When overthinking takes a backseat, you can truly be one with yourself.

Minimalists all over the world talk about how minimalism forces you to live in the present by allowing you to let go of possessions that remind you of the past and the obsession of acquiring possessions in the future. When the past and the future has no bearing on you, you can truly begin to live in the moment.

Just some food for thought on a Sunday, learn to truly live in the present to work for the future you are so abundantly obsessed with making a success.  

Published by kinnarijain

This blog is an attempt at taking charge of my life and giving “writing” – my passion – a chance to revive. Having tested myself over the years, I know I lose interest in my initiatives easily and hardly do I ever complete what I started. So, I have given myself a schedule and a deadline. I took inspiration from my very recent watch – Julie & Julia. Go watch it if you haven’t already! Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, subscribe to know every time I post and feel free to comment or reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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