Collateral Damage of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anxiety looms like a shadow behind the gloomy exterior of the Pandemic. A country battling with COVID on the outside is fighting away anxiety on the inside. In times like these, hope tries to levitate us only to have lingering storms thrash it back down. Collateral damage of a pandemic is nothing the humanity hasn’t seen before. As important as it is to maintain the focus on the disease, it’s important we also weigh in on the auxiliary damages that COVID brought with it.

Here are a few of the many collateral damages of this pandemic:

1) Mental Health – How much awareness is too much awareness? Thousands of miles away, I still bleed blue. And if this has such a tremendous impact on me, I can only imagine what it would do to a country already suffering with alarming lows in mental health.

2) Fatal Diseases – First damage, now collateral damage. Fatal diseases like TB and Cancer takeaway thousands of lives every year. With limited medical equipment, doctors and resources and the focus shift toward COVID, lives of patientssuffering from such diseases are more in danger than ever. Doctors struggle while picking the greater of the two evils.

3) Business and Education – A lost year for many in terms of business and education. While some businesses have shut down or are failing to keep the boat afloat, education has hit not only in terms of quality but also equality. While parents with the right means are still able to support education from home, many others with lesser means struggle to juggle adaptation in this new way of life.

4) Domestic Violence – With all locked away at home, danger rises for the ones that used to take shelter in the outside. The rise in domestic violence induced by the lockdown brings a plunge in the hopes of those that were either already victims or are new victims to this heinous crime.Moreover, the ones venting their anger increase in number while dealing with the frustrations of the pandemic.

It is as much a pandemic of COVID-19 as it is of all the issues listed here. Of course the gravity of COVIDsurpasses the graveness of most of them but it’s important to not undermine the additional brunt that the world is facing because of this pandemic.

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