Social and Healthcare Advancements Affect Millennial Life Decisions

Millennial women are at a cusp of age when major life decisions are waiting to be made. Career, marriage, children whatever that might be. No matter how much we curse the burden that those dilemmas bring with them, a silver lining remains that at least we are better off than our predecessors, thanks to the ones who stood up for themselves and were eventually called feminists for having done so. Furthermore, thanks to the healthcare pioneers who have inadvertently reinforced the importance of “choice” in making life decisions.

Personal breakthroughs by women through feminist movements are joined by social, healthcare and technological advancements to further the interest of self-worth and absolve the customs of selfless love that women have been passing the baton for, for generations. I will discuss aspects of social and healthcare advancements that have made it easy for men and women (I speak more for women in this blog however that in no way undermines the breakthroughs by men) to make major life decisions such as career with self-importance in mind.

Career, that wasn’t a woman’s life decision before, is now a possibility for many and the women before us have made it happen through social reformations.

Social movements and western influence have moved the hand of equality’s clock further a little faster than it would have organically. With men agreeing and willing to share the load equally, at home and work, women can finally achieve financial independence. Before, the responsibility of the house, the in-laws and the children used to rule out the possibility of women achieving financial independence through a career outside of home, but now, the same women need not depend on their spouse financially which is a liberation not only monetarily but of the soul. 

Financial independence also brings with it the blessing of complete independence. The ties of money that used to bound women in unhappy and disloyal marriages before are now broken by the liberation offered by financial independence. The gradual removal of stigma associated with divorce plays a role too, the stigma that more often than not stuck on to women more than men, even though it takes two to break a marriage.Financial and personal independence go hand in hand, such is the world we live in.

Healthcare advancements have also furthered the interest of career as a life decision in women. The society has taken years to accept and adopt, not fully still, the advancements that healthcare offers to women in the scenario where they decide to delay having children to focus on their career. Due to biological complications that come along with having children after 35, women had no choice but to take a step back early in their career and provide the best upbringing to their children, a joint venture often disproportionately shared between the two parents, mother being the major shareholder.

Healthcare advancements have not only provided alternatives to organic birth but have also increased life expectancy in both men and women. How does this affect your life decision as a millennial you ask? Well, all that you aim to achieve can be planned out on a larger period than before. You want to start a company at 50? It is possible now, but it wasn’t before. We as millennials do have an upper hand and a longer timeline to plan our futures and that is a blessing in disguise.

Feminism, social and healthcare advancements have made it easier for us as millennials (even if it is a tiny bit) to make life decisions based on choice rather than “no choice”. Wouldn’t you agree?

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