Passivity vs Cancel Culture

Passivity is the act of remaining calm and non-chalant or indifferent when active response or resistance is warranted. Cancel culture on the other hand is the modern form of ostracism where public figures and companies are boycotted from social media or in person for their unacceptable views or actions often ruining careers of many.

While Millennials and Genzs are accused of being the flag bearers of cancel culture, a rebuttal from the newer generations can also be that cancel culture is at least better than passivity. Not saying anything is worse than saying more than required, some might argue.

The millennial urge to fight the wrong and stand up for their ideologies is progressive and is reflective of western influence however, it would be fair to say that this resistance is sometimes followed without in-depth research of the cause of the problem. This impulsive reaction then leads to damage far greater than the good done. Generations before us considered remaining calm under upheavals a trait of the wise and mature. However, in recent years millennials and genzs are viewing this trait as passivity and indifference to the wrong in the world and a major blocker to change. It is fair to argue that most big changes were possible by civil rights movements and that democracy is all about speaking out. However, sometimes it is important to understand that a wrong action or step taken by someone might be a mere mistake and not completely reflective of their personality and speaking out against such an individual might bring about change but at the cost of ruining his/her life without too big of a fault of their own. Human error is bound to happen and exposed more so for public figures. As much as the responsibility lies with public figures to check their actions, the same responsibility lies with us to check our resistance and weigh the damage against the benefit.

Passivity and Cancel culture are two extremes of the same spectrum. It is our responsibility to check that are actions are not inclined more toward one of them and that we stand up for things that really need standing up for.

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One thought on “Passivity vs Cancel Culture

  1. Some of the younger generation (though not all) are here to be system busters… to break down archaic systems of greed and control that do not serve humanity. They have been labelled as the Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow children. It’s (colours) in their auric field can be seen by clairvoyants. As more humans take their power back by their decisions, action or inaction, status quo will be broken down further… We truly need something new to help shape a very unbalanced Earth lifestyle. All the corruption, inequality, injustice, etc.. will need our collective effort to purge them out. Have a fabulous day 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻.

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