Collateral Damage of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anxiety looms like a shadow behind the gloomy exterior of the Pandemic. A country battling with COVID on the outside is fighting away anxiety on the inside. In times like these, hope tries to levitate us only to have lingering storms thrash it back down. Collateral damage of a pandemic is nothing the humanity hasn’tContinue reading “Collateral Damage of the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Feminism – What’s cool, What’s not!

I have been wanting to write a feminism piece for a long time but the sheer breadth of the topic made me nervous. I want to write so much but I didn’t feel worthy enough. I have written about it before in terms of equality however the term has so much more meaning now thanContinue reading “Feminism – What’s cool, What’s not!”

Don’t Confuse Oppression with Freedom – Hijab Ban in France

Oppression is not about what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s about the lack of choice and the day you take away that basic right to decision making, that is the day when oppression wins, and feminism loses. That is what happened when Hijab, which is considered a sign of Islamic gender oppression was banned inContinue reading “Don’t Confuse Oppression with Freedom – Hijab Ban in France”

Having Thick Skin is Overrated

The importance of unfiltered unapologetic communication is obvious however it’s amazing how we practice something so obvious maybe only 10% of the time, or less. To be honest, I had a liberating experience only recently where I spoke to my loved ones about what, most possibly, had been piling for almost 2 years. The experienceContinue reading “Having Thick Skin is Overrated”

A Land of Professional Bias

We might attribute accolades to the Indian schools and colleges for producing one of the most promising leaders of the corporate/healthcare world. However, in my opinion, the Indian education system has failed us in so many ways.  I firmly believe that every one of us is really good at something and if we are able to identify that “something”Continue reading “A Land of Professional Bias”