The Good, the Bad and the Grey

I’ve come a full circle and all of us do, don’t we? Went from being oblivious to the good and the bad in people, then became extremely aware of it to the extent of black and white and then that mellowed down to a grey. Now I’m at a place where I truly believe thatContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Grey”

Passivity vs Cancel Culture

Passivity is the act of remaining calm and non-chalant or indifferent when active response or resistance is warranted. Cancel culture on the other hand is the modern form of ostracism where public figures and companies are boycotted from social media or in person for their unacceptable views or actions often ruining careers of many. While MillennialsContinue reading “Passivity vs Cancel Culture”

Imposter Syndrome

If you constantly discredit yourself of what you are actually worth, doubt your abilities even after being reminded of how great you are by those around you and sometimes feel like you don’t deserve what you’ve gotten because you think you haven’t worked hard enough to get it when you clearly have, welcome to theContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

Social and Healthcare Advancements Affect Millennial Life Decisions

Millennial women are at a cusp of age when major life decisions are waiting to be made. Career, marriage, children whatever that might be. No matter how much we curse the burden that those dilemmas bring with them, a silver lining remains that at least we are better off than our predecessors, thanks to theContinue reading “Social and Healthcare Advancements Affect Millennial Life Decisions”

Toxic Positivity – Keep It Real, Not Ideal

I am sure most of us have experienced toxic positivity at least once if not more in our lifetime. Toxic positivity is a “positive only” approach to life. The belief that we should maintain a positive mindset even in dire or difficult situations. While it may work for some people, the rest of us viewContinue reading “Toxic Positivity – Keep It Real, Not Ideal”

Backhanded Compliments

All minority groups in a society go through the brunt of backhanded compliments. So, what are backhanded compliments? A backhanded compliment is a compliment that is not a compliment at all. The subtle oppression euphonized in the form of a compliment is far greater an insult than if somebody were to abuse someone in their face. Only the other day someone said toContinue reading “Backhanded Compliments”

Habituated to the Chaos

A common theme among Indians in the U.S. is the steep learning curve when it comes to adapting to the lack of hustle and bustle. I have been fortunate enough to have lived in a city like Chicago where hustle bustle on the streets reminded me of home and to have had good friends in the city who filled the void of notContinue reading “Habituated to the Chaos”

Personal Brand, the Influencer Generation, Self-Audit and Vanity

Humans have been building their personal brand to improve their social and work life for generations now. It is how they modify other people’s perception of them. Personal brand more or less includes your likes, dislikes, your personality, your beliefs and virtues and basically reflects who you are to the world. Some have the abilityContinue reading “Personal Brand, the Influencer Generation, Self-Audit and Vanity”