POP THE BUBBLE – Polarization in Ideologies

Tell me, have you ever accosted an individual but were left speechless because you realized how narrow your opinion about a certain topic had been until that moment? I confess, I have. And if you haven’t, you’re either a person of God, or you’re highly ignorant. We all, at some point in our life, realizeContinue reading “POP THE BUBBLE – Polarization in Ideologies”

PROP CULTURE – Propaganda that forms culture!

A term coined by me for the purpose of this blog, Prop Culture means culture that is formed by propaganda. Human minds are impressionable and forgetful at the same time. Impressionable enables big corporations to leave an impact on our minds through propaganda and forgetful enables them to make us forget that it was propagandaContinue reading “PROP CULTURE – Propaganda that forms culture!”

This is My Everest – 10 Signs that indicate that your Mental Health Needs Attention

Mental health is being talked about now more than ever and there are numerous blogs out there that talk about causes, symptoms and cures. However, before I write one of these of my own, let me start by telling you what this blog is not – I write this blog today not to tell youContinue reading “This is My Everest – 10 Signs that indicate that your Mental Health Needs Attention”

The Guilt of Irreverence!

The concept of being reverential stems from the omnipotent belief of the fact that experience brings wisdom. Some cultures took this basic concept and evolved it into actions. They believed that reverence is not only something you give credence to but is also something you show in actions. Thus started the fallacy of “Not talkingContinue reading “The Guilt of Irreverence!”

Why did I stop writing? Why did I start again?!

Why did you stop writing? People have asked me this question a number of times over the last 4 years. My reply would usually be – nothing struck me as a strong topic or I just didn’t feel like writing anything or I’ve lost touch and so on. But what I didn’t tell them wasContinue reading “Why did I stop writing? Why did I start again?!”

Sweet Nothings – Remastered

This is a piece I wrote almost 4 years ago. Still remains published on my old blog – https://kinblog95.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/sweet-nothings/. I might not use the same language that I used here now but my feelings remain the same. Thought I’ll repost it here just because it’s so close to my heart. Might seem a little naïveContinue reading “Sweet Nothings – Remastered”

Introvert in a world of extroverts!

Growing up, I always thought myself to be a fairly introverted person. Hardly uttered a word when guests would visit, talking to new people would always be exceedingly daunting and more often than not, my mom would answer on behalf of me when asked any question. It wouldn’t be fair to say that I wasContinue reading “Introvert in a world of extroverts!”